MASTER Karate, Tae Kwon Do & Grappling State Championship

By dluxexpo (other events)

Saturday, March 29 2014 10:00 AM 7:00 PM

Adam D. Lux, Dennis R. Gugin, Bill Frohriep Jr, Isaiah Gathings, and its organizers, are committed to providing the highest quality of organization, entertainment, and competition the state of Michigan has to offer.

After many years of running tournaments, we have found the best methods for providing a fair, efficient, and rewarding experience for all competitors and visitors. Ours is the only event in the state that is run by times, allowing competitors to easily find their rings, compete, and enjoy the venue, without the hassle of standing around all day waiting for their divisions to start.

All times and divisions are clearly posted, so competitors only need to show when their division starts - but there is plenty to do before, during, and after competition. A full portion of the venue is dedicated to local businesses, comic book vendors, artists, craftsmen, entertainment, martial arts workshops, and celebrities.

We have beautiful, unique awards, many different divisions in which to compete, and have continually received compliments on the look, feel, and professionalism of our tournament. Parents, instructors, and students have commented on how organized, clean, and fair our events are run. Our tournaments are run efficiently, with fair judging, a high quality of competition, and a list of activities, vendors, and entertainment that no other tournament in the state can boast. Thank you for joining the fun!


Please Contact if you want to compete in more then 1 art.

Mailing Address

66090 Van Dyke Washington Twp, MI 48095